Exclusive Discord community designed to make and save you money.Serving over 1000+ entrepreneurs since 2020.
FeaturesAll the things Shocked offers with your monthly subscription. Your monthly price will never change even with the addition of new features.
Random Resell
Our team will provide hundreds of items online and in-store that you can sell for easy cash.
Deals & Price Errors
We provide discounts, price errors, and freebies so you will never have to worry about paying full price again.
Free Products
Our exclusive Amazon suppliers offer thousands of products that you can order for free. Keep or sell for profit!
Custom Bots
From bots that generate free food to bots that help you boost sales, there is something for everybody to enjoy.
24/7 Support
Our support team will answer any questions you may have and assist you on your entrepreneurial journey!
And Much More
Shocked is constantly adding more features day by day. Come join us today and experience the difference!
FAQEverything you need to know about Shocked.
What can I expect with my monthly subscription?
If I’m new to reselling in general, is this the right group for me?
Can you guys guarantee that I will make my membership back?
What regions does Shocked support?
How often do you restock?
Can I cancel my membership?